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LADDERS Impact Project

Increasing the impact of clinical research conducted at

Aston University

What is the Impact Project?

The research team has received funding by Aston University to create the means to increase the impact of our research into developmental conditions. This website has been developed with the aim to increase the accessibility of the LADDERS intervention, after parents/carers emphasised the need for long-term web-based resources to support them with the ongoing development and generalisation of skills after completing the intervention. There are many parents/carers of children with developmental conditions who may face logistical difficulties when trying to access face-to-face support, so the online distribution of resources can make support more flexible and convenient, as well as increase the engagement and inclusion of parents/carers during the intervention. 

Importantly, there is a lot of inequality with access to support and resources, which makes it difficult for some families to get access to the resources they may need when supporting their children. The goal of this website is to reduce such inequalities (not only in the UK, but also internationally) via disseminating high-quality evidence-based mental health information through an online platform which has the capacity to engage families with reduced access to support and resources. 

This website has the capacity to maintain the impact from the intervention and to increase its visibility and ease of uptake by NHS partners. Due to its high accessibility, the website can not only help parents/carers in the UK who wish to access information about behavioural approaches to anxiety, but also clinicians who may wish to disseminate the videos/resources as part of their clinical work. Clinicians and researchers (or anybody interested in developing their knowledge of anxiety interventions and/or developmental conditions), who may have difficulty accessing reliable evidence-based information about behavioural approaches, may also benefit from the website. 

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