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Anxiety in autistic people who speak few or no words

Funding from Autistica has supported the team in its aim to improve the identification of anxiety for people with intellectual disabilities, who may also be autistic, and subsequent support. This page summarises some of our research and current understanding of anxiety in this group. We have also asked families to talk about their experiences of anxiety in autistic people, and these videos will be added shortly. 

Anxiety Guide

Please click the icon to download a copy of an anxiety guide that has been developed by members of our research team

Video Resources

Please click the link to go to our YouTube Channel, where you can access a number of short videos outlining some of the work we have done in our team.

Clinical Anxiety Scale for Persons with Intellectual Disability (ClASP-ID)

Please click the link to complete an Expression of Interest Form, if you are a professional and would like to receive a copy of the ClASP-ID and scoring manual.


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