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Educational Videos

Our team of researchers have put together a number of educational videos that may be of interest to parents, researchers/clinicians, or anybody wanting to learn about autism and anxiety, and/or anxiety interventions. 

Anxiety and Avoidance

In this video, Jess and Effie describe the anxiety cycle and how avoidance of certain unpleasant objects or situations may contribute to and maintain this cycle. 

Setting Events

Here, Effie explains the differences between setting events and triggers, and describes how setting events may affect the behaviour of children and their parents. 

Creating the Facing Your Fears Ladder

Here, Jane and Jess explain how an exposure hierarchy (or ladder) is created during an intervention, and how this technique can gradually help individuals to overcome their fears of particular objects or situations.

Sensory Distress and Anxiety
(Awaiting Video)

In this video, Jane, Jess and Effie talk about the similarities between the difficulties associated with sensory distress and anxiety, and the challenges that parents, clinicians or researchers may face when trying to differentiate between them.

Generalisation and Fading

In this video, Jess and Jane talk about how autistic children may have difficulty using new knowledge/skills in different environments and/or with different people. An intervention strategy called 'fading' is also discussed, in terms of how it can be applied based on the individual needs of a child, and how it may help with generalisation. 

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